rocol罗哥特种润滑油脂,满足您特种润滑的需求,百年品质,品质保证!rocol Z30蜡膜防锈油(rocol 37020,rocol 37028),rocol rtd compound攻牙膏(rocol 53023,rocol 53028),rocol RTD liquid攻牙油(rocol 53072,rocol 53078),rocol leak detector spray泄露探测液(rocol 32030),rocol Dry PTFE Spray(rocol 34235),rocol foodlube chain spray(rocol 15610),rocol dry moly spray(rocol 10025),Rocol Sapphire Premier Grease高温润滑脂(rocol 12471,rocol 12474),rocol foodlube universal 2食用宝润滑脂2号等等,产品齐全,交期无忧!

rocol rtd产品可以大幅度延长刀具的寿命。

rocol rtd产品可以大幅度延长刀具的寿命。

rocol RTD “doubles tool life” and can provide up to a 400% increased productivity compared to similar products.

rocol rtd产品可以大幅度延长刀具的寿命。

Laboratory testing has shown that RTD offers up to 5 times more anti-wear protection than other products, extending tool life and improving surface finish ensuring the highest quality of the finished workpiece.

The Reichert Wear Test is used to evaluate the extreme pressure (EP) properties of lubrication and cutting fluids.

The test shows how much protection is provided to the cutting tool and component during operation. The lower the result (measured in % wear) the more protection provided. This industry standard test demonstrates how RTD outperforms competition and lets you cut with confidence.


rocol rtd产品可以大幅度延长刀具的寿命。

RTD LIQUIDS REICHARTrocol rtd产品可以大幅度延长刀具的寿命。


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